Wrapping Up/Final Due Dates

Nice job today; sorry there wasn’t enough time to really get into many of the issues you raised in your very interesting and provocative presentations. But in any case, I hope you had a good time; you guys were great students all the way through and I’m very sad to see the course end.

So a few final things:

Final Response papers (to Adichie) are due Friday (July 16) by 5PM.

Makeup response papers, for any of the papers you feel like making up, are due Monday July 19 by NOON (just to make sure I have time to grade). I will replace the previous grade with the new one; just send me the old paper along with the replacement.

Finally, I’m not sure when I’ll get to grade and fully comment on your blog posts, so I don’t want to do a makeup one, but I decided to give you an extra credit assignment through which you can add up to 5 points to your grade on the blog post. The extra credit assignment is, make a comment of a few paragraphs on someone else’s post in which you connect something in  the post and/or the text described in it to one or more central ideas we’ve studied this summer, or elaborate on the connection the poster has already made. This is also due Monday by noon.

Finally, I’d like to put together a book list for further reading about some of these topics; if you have any suggestions, let me know.




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