Assignment for Thursday 7/8 and Blog Ideas

Great job today; remember, again, that this stuff is very tricky to talk about, particularly postmodernism because people are still trying to decide what it is.

For Thursday, think about the Adichie “Danger of a Single Story” clip. Here it is if you want to watch it again:

A few questions to consider: What is the modernist/revolutionary answer to the danger of the single story (i.e., how does Fanon ask and answer a similar question)?  What makes Adichie’s answer postmodern?

And then with regard to the book: How is Adichie addressing the question of the danger of the single story? How does Half of a Yellow Sun address the question of ownership of stories, and questions of power, and narrative? What is the role of the artist in the struggle for decolonization/revolution?

Other things to consider about the novel: how is the novel connecting romance and nation/nationalism? What can we do with the novel’s successful and failed romances?

You are welcome to consider any of these questions for your final response paper, which is due next Tuesday 7/13, the last day of class. Feel free to bring in a passage or two if you’d like to talk about it and start thinking about your paper.

Also for Tuesday, you should have your blog entries ready.

Again, some preliminary ideas:

Lynn Hirschberg’s recent hatchet job in the New York Times Magazine on Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. (for this option you should probably listen to a song or two of hers)

Walter Salles’ 2004 film The Motorcycle Diaries

Steven Soderbergh’s 2008 Film Che

Also,  you could write about this thing I just heard about which is a controversy over the pro-Palestine site in second life; this would take a little bit of research, but you can definitely ask me if you need more historical information on either Palestine or Second Life.

If you wanted to focus on continued US imperialist discourses and policies (which you will have to think about in any case), you could write about the US’s continued possession of the Guantanamo prison and the territory on which it rests; Obama’s halfhearted attempts to close it; and the options discussed by the US media if the prison did actually close someday, among other places in this column by (neo)liberal NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof (hint: returning the land to Cuba is not one of them).

I will keep thinking of options, but definitely write me if anything else interests you.


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