Assignment for Tuesday 7/6

Good job today. Your assignment is to review postmodernism (here are some pretty good charts that contrast modernist and postmodernist sensibilities: this one from Georgetown, and this one that’s more of a list of features ). Then try to apply some of the conceptual and historical frameworks to a reading of a passage from Gravity’s Rainbow, a 1973 postmodern novel by Thomas Pynchon. It’s very hard to describe the plot of this novel, but this bulb is hanging over an unnamed colonel as he gets a haircut:


Make an argument about the passage and postmodernity for your response paper.

Also, read at least 100 pages in Half of a Yellow Sun; try to read, actually, to page 195, which I think you should be able to do because it’s a really quick read. Think about what it has to do with modernization, and start thinking a bit about whether and how it’s postmodern.  And if you are totally lost reading the Pynchon, you are welcome to write about a passage from the Adichie book, thinking either about a) how the book is commenting on master narratives of development and progress or b) how the book is postmodern or has some postmodern features. And as always, you are welcome to send me thesis statements and/or email me with questions.

Also, I will talk in class on Tuesday about your final blog entry.


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