Assignments for 6/24 and 6/31

Good job today. We’re dealing with some difficult concepts which we’ll keep coming back to.

This Thursday we’ll continue thinking about gender and development through a discussion of population control and the Bolivian radical film Blood of the Condor; your only reading assignment is to keep going in One Hundred Years of Solitude. On Tuesday we will resume our discussion of nationalism and the novel, thinking about the gendered, romantic, and developmentalist nationalist ideas advanced in the movie as well as revolutionary culture as outlined by Castro and others. Although I listed some readings on the syllabus, I think I’m going to just excerpt them for you in class since I’d really like you to focus on the novel.

For Tuesday, as we discussed, your third response paper is due. Pick a passage (anything but the first page) and do a close reading like we practiced in class; mark it up and write down all the details you can,  then formulate a thesis about García Marquez’s stance towards, or characterization of, technological progress and modernization.


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