Assignment for Tuesday June 15th

Great job in class Thursday. For next Tuesday, finish Let Me Speak! the testimony of Bolivian revolutionary Domitila Barrios de Chungara. Domitila begins her testimony with “I don’t want anyone at any moment to interpret the story I’m about to tell as something that is only personal. Because I think my life is related to my people.” For Tuesday, bring in and be ready to explicate one passage in which Domitila analyzes Bolivian history and politics, using her own experience as evidence for a particular argument. Other questions to think about as you read:

1. How does Domitila dramatize her awakening as an activist/revolutionary? See if you can locate the moment in which she decides to commit to the struggle.

2. How is Domitila thinking about development/modernization? How does she talk about peasants, workers, and indigenous culture?

3. Is Domitila a feminist? How would you characterize her thinking about masculinity and femininity? What about her relationship to motherhood?


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