Response paper and readings for Thursday

For your response paper, take your passage or another Fanon passage that interested you. Read your passage closely, carefully noting Fanon’s choice of language, metaphor and simile, argumentative strategy, historical and theoretical frameworks, and anything else you can see in the passage. Write a thesis statement connecting the specifics of the passage to one or more of the larger ideas we’ve talked about so far:  revolutionary violence, colonization/decolonization and culture, and/or development ideology. Then write 2-3 thoughtful pages developing your argument, quoting from your passage to explain.

Here are some sample response papers that I’ve written in the past for some of my other classes (I figure you guys are advanced enough to apply this model to the texts we are using), one on Anne Moody’s memoir Coming of Age in Mississippi ( Mollysample-response-paper ) and another on Junot Diaz’ story “Aguantando” ( Response Paper II )so feel free to look at them and email me with questions if you have any.

For Thursday, you’ll have two short pieces: two testimonies from Black GIs in Vietnam in Wallace Terry, Bloods (1985) and Martha Hess’ compilation of North Vietnamese oral histories Then the Americans Came (1994).  As you read the stories of these people who experienced the Vietnam War, pay particular attention to the relationship of each speaker to development discourse.


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