Welcome and Assignment #1

Nice to meet you all; welcome to the class. Hope you enjoyed Battle of Algiers. We will discuss your answers to the questions at the beginning of class Thursday.

Also for Thursday, read through Frantz Fanon’s essay “Concerning Violence” from The Wretched of the Earth. Pick out a passage (2 or 3 sentences or a paragraph) that interests you, type out or photocopy the passage, then underline some words and phrases and make some observations about them. Consider the references, figurative language, word choice more generally, and how the passage connects to the larger argument of the essay and the context of decolonization as you understand it so far. We will work more with your passages in class.

You also have two short essays to read, both by African American intellectuals: James Baldwin’s “Princes and Powers,” his report on the 1956 First World Congress of Black Writers and Artists, and Francee Covington’s “Are the Revolutionary Techniques employed in The Battle of Algiers Applicable to Harlem?”. You don’t need to write about these two pieces, but read them and bring them to class Thursday. Be ready to discuss them, especially their (very different)positions on decolonization and revolutionary violence.


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